Thank you for the training

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Thank you for the training

Post by Streetly1 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:48

Having marshalled with Marches in the BORC and BCCC, they had often put on marshals training days, covering many aspects and scenarios.

This past weekend that training kicked in when a photographer buddy I was with was taken ill. We were camping in sunny & hot Wales partaking of a little landscape photography.

I was out of sight when I heard an urgent shout - I arrived to see the casualty lying on his back on a river bank with one leg awkwardly tucked up behind the other - he was not moving.

I mediately thought broken/twisted ankle and approached as if an injured competitor (straight on so the patient would not move their head).

Eyes were open but staring (no visual response) but did respond to verbal instruction. Could not determine any pain or injury.

Patient then sat up, was sick, fell back and then had a seizure (body shake) for maybe 3 seconds.

I manhandled the patient into the recovery position, checked airway (ok) was sick a couple more times (fluid) and came round, although very subdued.

Patient lay in recovery position for a further 15-20 mins whilst I kept him talking/awake. Took a little water (dribbled across mouth)

After about 30 mins, patient was able to sit up, and 30 mins later walked slowly the 1/4 mile back to camp (me carrying two lots of heavy camera equipment)

At camp, patient sat in the car (air con) whilst I wrote some notes whilst I could remember. I monitored patient constantly from a distance, allowing them to doze, but checking they would not slump.

Eventually, we (I) broke camp and made our way home. We stopped once as feeling sick. The second time we stopped, we chatted and agreed to call for medical assistance.

The ambulance staff were fantastic. The notes I'd made earlier were apparently very valuable. I believe they suspected a heart attack but not substantiated. The ambulance staff were also very supportive of me as I guess having passed over the responsibility of the patient I might be experiencing delayed shock and was quite emotional (as I am now typing this).

At Shrewsbury Hospital, after the initial investigations, I was permitted to see my friend and was present during the consultation. An over night stay was required for periodic heart monitoring.

The following day, my friend looked a darn sight better, was discharged and we completed our journey home.

The diagnosis was that of a water infection (not that he'd drunk bad water, more a chemical imbalance in the body's water) - this can be quite nasty apparently.

So, I'd like to thank Marches for the free training sessions they have offered over the years - not only do the events competitors gain the benefits, so do our friends outside of the sport.

Cheers guys,
Streetly 1

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Re: Thank you for the training

Post by Songasport » Wed Jun 28, 2017 20:37

Good to hear that the training was useful and that you remained calm enough to remember what to do!

Some form of training should be provided to all crews as well as marshals in my view - a competitor is more likely to be first on scene of an incident and actions in the first few seconds/minutes can be vital.

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