Another tire question?

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Another tire question?

Post by jdamrel » Thu Jun 09, 2016 14:36

After the last two rounds it is becoming increasingly apparent that as I get quicker, or so I like to think :) the tires have been using are not up to the abuse.
I have been using the FALKEN Wildpeak AT01, the advantage having been these are relatively cheap, however, it seams the sidewalls are quite "soft" and any side loading is exposing them to the rocks etc resulting in a significant number of punctures and destroyed wheels.
Mr Bayliss 104 has been using the Cooper St Maxx to good effect, however these are almost twice the price of the Faulken's :cry:

So the basic question is; what do people recommend?
and can you folks recommend any suppliers (preferably in the south west)?

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